How Much Should I Pay For A Web Host?

Posted on 13th, 2013 by admin

When looking for a Web host, most people do not know what to look for and how much they should pay. Of course, the price one pays will depend on their needs. However, when knowing what one wants, they should not overpay for a quality Web host.

Nothing: When hosting a blog that does not bring in revenue or much traffic, one should find a free host.

Five dollars a month: When looking for a basic host that provides the minimal features, one should pay around five dollars a month. With this plan, a small business owner or blogger should Full Story →

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What Is A Web Host’s Up-time Guarantee?

Posted on 13th, 2013 by admin

Uptime is critically important to those interested in publishing a website. Uptime refers to how long the site stays live without any interruptions. No one would ever wish to pay for hosting only to discover the site goes off-line. For a commercial website, this can be disastrous because visitors (aka customers) would not be able to land on it and make purchases. So, the hosts do have to offer a guarantee.

What would be the Full Story →

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How To Choose An Awesome Domain Name

Posted on 15th, 2013 by admin

Choosing an awesome domain name is not difficult, the problem lies in having to choose multiple awesome domain names until an individual finds one that is available to register or for sale at an affordable price. Speculators have been buying domain names for years, holding on to or using clever, easy to remember .com names.

Do I Need a Dot Com Name?

Yes, anyone who will depend on traffic to make money online should buy a .com name if he or she can find one that meets the criteria for an awesome domain name. Despite a number of other domain extensions, like .net and .biz, the public is still most familiar with .com.

Business owners who buy a .net domain name may lose traffic to competitors with the same domain name, who are using the .com extension. The exception would be anyone who does business primary in another country besides the United States.

These individuals would need a country specific domain extension, such as .ca for Canadian businesses. Non-profit organizations can use the .org extension for legitimacy even though there are no specific requirements for registering a .org domain name.

What Makes An Awesome Domain Name?

A domain name that is easy to spell is awesome. Avoid commonly misspelled words, if someone has a profitable online business with a hard to spell domain name, other people will register domains with the misspellings just to take advantage of the traffic.

Avoid hyphens in domain names for the same reason; most people forget to include them and end up on competitor’s websites.

Awesome domain names are easy to remember. Every online business owner should take advantage of word-of-mouth traffic. It’s difficult to find a .com name that is easy to remember but they are a few awesome domain names left with .net. .biz, .info and .us extensions.

Shorter domain names are easier to remember than long domain names. Up to 63 characters are allowed in domain names but few people will remember a lengthy domain name, no matter how catchy a name a person registers.

Anyone buying a domain name should say the name aloud to make sure it sounds as good spoken as it looks on paper. Always write the domain name down exactly as it would appear in web browsers and search engines, with no spaces between the letters.

Companies have bought domain names only to find that the letter s followed by a word beginning with ex gives potential visitors the wrong impression.

Using Your Business Name

Businesses that have short business names that indicates what type of business they engage in have a built-in in domain name, unless it is already registered. Businesses that have difficult to spell names should use New Mexico plumbers, or a variation instead of their actual business name.

Business owners will lose their valuable backlinks and a great deal of their website traffic if they change domain names after establishing an online business. It is better to take the time to find an awesome domain name from the start, and then register as many extensions as possible.

Extra extensions make great blogs or landing pages, and they keep competitors from taking advantage of a successful business by registering the same domain name with a different extension.

Manage your business website with high speed Internet from HughesNet.

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Who Should I Use To Host My Site?

Posted on 24th, 2013 by admin

Choosing a good web host can be a challenge. A quick Internet search reveals loads of companies clamoring for your business at the low costs of just several dollars a month. So how do you know which one to choose? As with many product decisions, unfortunately, the answer is that it depends.

To choose the best web host you first need to evaluate your needs. Will a basic hosting package be enough? Are there any specific applications, Full Story →

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Three Things To Look For In A Web Host

Posted on 3rd, 2012 by admin

Individuals and businesses need web hosting to create their websites. Finding a good web host can be overwhelming because there are so many of them. Find the one that will meet your needs.

Good customer service is a must. If anything goes wrong they are the first to be notified. Look for a host with a variety of customer support options. Examples are live chat, phone, email, FAQ, support tickets and forums. Read about response time from online reviewers.

Good price packages are something Full Story →

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The Top Three Web Hosting Providers

Posted on 1st, 2012 by admin

Running your own website requires a speedy web host that is also reliable and affordable. Searching for the top three web hosting providers is possible online and by reading enough reviews when comparing your needs when it comes to space, speed, and the bandwidth transfer allotment available with the hosts on a monthly basis.

One of the top hosting companies for websites is InMotion Hosting (, which features dedicated servers, VPS hosting, shared hosting, and even business class hosting to fit all website needs based on page views, visitors, and the amount of data that is transferred on Full Story →

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What Is Bandwidth And How Much Do I Need?

Posted on 29th, 2012 by admin

Bandwidth is how much data your website customers can download usually on a monthly basis. If you ever decide to host your own website you will want to pay close attention to your bandwidth. Most people do not and go over their bandwidth, and it is happening more often these days. How much bandwidth will you need for your website? This is a question that many people are wondering about when they host a website. Here are some things that will help you determine the amount Full Story →

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What Are The Best Website Hosts?

Posted on 26th, 2012 by admin

Companies need to have a website in order to stay competitive in today’s modern times. You must choose a good hosting company to host your website. Here’s how to find a good host for your website online. You need to factor cost, reliability and ease of use into your decision. The lowest priced hosting company may not be the best solution for you.

Determine the tools your website needs to be successful. Do you need a shopping cart and the ability to accept credit cards? There are Full Story →

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How Do I Find The Best Web Hosts?

Posted on 25th, 2012 by admin

Looking for a web host is essential if you have a blog already that is hosted on another service and you want to expand your audience. It is also ideal if you have a website in mind with customized features including user databases or a commenting community. When you are ready to look for a web host, you should first calculate the budget you have available to spend on the site and its development along with a monthly hosting fee. Then you are ready to begin searching for the perfect web host.

Browse for web hosts by using well-known Full Story →

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